Student Printing

At Rockhurst High School, students have access to printing from their iPads. There are multiple locations in which students can print including the Tech Desk and Library. To print from the majority of apps, hit the share icon (box with arrow pointing up), click Print, and the printer’s name is labelled on the printer itself. On Google Apps (i.e. Docs, Slides, Drive), click the three vertical dots, hit Share & Export, select Print, select AirPrint.

  • Please do not print if do not plan to retrieve your documents immediately
  • Please do not print additional copies if the first copy doesn’t print
    • Be patient and it will eventually print!
  • If the printer displays a message such as “Load Plain Paper” or “Black Cartridge Low”, alert the printer supervisor (i.e. Mr. Jones, Mrs. Gansner)
  • If the printer doesn’t show up, verify you are using AMDGWIFI and you do not have a VPN enabled
  • The AirPrinters only work for iPhone or iPad, not Android or Mac

Please be respectful of your resources. Please limit your printing to an appropriate amount. Do not use the iPad Printers to print in bulk as they’re not designed for high volume printing. Happy Printing!