2016-17 Staff


David King

I went to Ascension Catholic school for grade school. I am now a freshman at Rockhurst High School. I am interested in Robotics, Theater, and love working at the Tech Desk.

Krishon Harris

At the time of writing this, I was a Junior member of the Class of 2018 and a faithful and committed member of the Tech Desk. I work at the Tech Desk on every occasion in which I am free. Most notable of these times would include my lunch period, Activity Period, and after school. When I began working at the Tech Desk in August of 2014, I was most interested in the advancements in mobile computing, which is my strongest area of expertise. Along with my knowledge for mobile computing, I’m also interested in Photography, videography, and software engineering. I currently participate in Photography Club and Software Engineering Club outside of school. In Photography Club, we go out and learn to take really good pictures using both film and digital cameras. In Software Engineering Club, we learn to code and build applications. At the time of writing this, we were learning to write code in Swift, which is the standard code used to create iOS and Mac OS X software.

Mitchell Neunuebel

At the time of writing this, I am a senior and have been involved in the Tech Desk since the very beginning. I am interested in technology of all forms but my passion lies in networking and computer engineering. While I have experience in programming, I find that actually working on the infrastructure that runs everything is more interesting. Outside of class, I am involved in the day to day audio visual operations of the high school. My hobbies include debating Apple product design and long walks on the beach. I hope to bring my experience in hardware and operating system design to my writing.

Tanner Helton

I am currently a Freshman at Rockhurst and a part of the class of 2020. I am very excited to come to Rockhurst because there is so much technology everywhere. I have always loved technology and I hope to get a degree in computer science one day. Other than the tech desk I participate in the Software Engineering club and the car club. In the software engineering club we are currently developing an app for the Rockhurst lunch menu. I love to design and code apps because it’s a lot of fun. It’s very exciting to just see your app come up on your phone and download it. My reason for participating in the Tech Desk is simply enjoyment. I love technology so the more time I get to spend with it, the happier I become. I will try to work at the Tech Desk most days in the morning from about 7:30-8:00, and during my lunch which is 4th period or 10:50-11:35 on regular school days.