Create a Separate Class for Each Period in Your Schedule.

Since every class does not meet every day in our six-day cycle, assignments are likely to have different due dates for some classes. To better manage your classes, I highly recommend you create a class in for each period in your schedule. Since assignments can be copied to multiple classes, you do NOT have to add the same assignment more than once. You simply need to edit the due dates. The image shows how to add an assignment to multiple classes.

Adding Assignments to Multiple Classes

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Create a Quiz in ZipGrade

Once your rosters are loaded, creating and administering a quiz with ZipGrade is quite easy. Simply follow the instructions below:

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Upload Rosters to ZipGrade

Thanks to the generous work of JW and Joe, you can easily upload your student rosters into individual classes on ZipGrade. This saves an immense amount of time from having to individually¬†type each student’s name and add them to a class. Plus, you get the added benefit of collecting better analytics¬†on individual and class performance.

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Why ZipGrade?

zipgradelogowhitebgZipGrade replaces the scantron machine with it’s simple and easy-use-app that is downloadable to your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Teachers print pdf scantron forms, set a key in the app, and grade forms by photographing each form.

By creating rosters and answer keys ahead of time, I was able to scan and show students their scores before they even left the classroom. If you are using closed-item assessments, this app is a great tool.

Speak to Brandon to get the full version of the app on you iPad.

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All Your Google Classroom Needs

Alice Keeler, author of 50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom, has created numerous tutorials for using Google Classroom with students. I’ve listed a few to get your started with Google Classroom, but I recommend you take a few minutes to look at her site for many great ideas.

  • 10 Things to Start with in Google Classroom
  • 6 Tips to Level Up
  • 5 Potential Mistakes in Google Classroom
  • 5 Things You May Not Know about Google Classroom
  • Assign to Multiple Classes
  • Add Images of Analog Work
  • Assignment Naming Conventions
  • See Submission History
  • Grade¬†Student Work
  • Faster Grading with Drive’s Preview Mode
  • Return Student Work
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